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Healing through affirmation

Participatory performance,2022

A participatory performance aligned with Goldsmith's strikes and teach-outs. It speculates on the possibility of care as resistance amidst a difficult time that we all share. Foxy Azucar and Vanessa Walters’ work — earthworks envisioned as future relics, knitted and cast objects that incorporate therapy, poems, photos and videos that are responsive to conditions of exhaustion and uncertainty — are integrated with CCA's resident's space.

Through soothing ambient sounds, poems, movie images, photos, and materials synthesising different powers, the CCA residency space is transformed into a site for imagining alternatives to confront macro-system uncertainties.

Breathing and movement exercises are followed by a free-flowing discussion about ritual for self-healing and affirmation, the notion of pace and its potential violence, as well as other deeper feelings and vulnerabilities. 

Photo by Emily Yo (Yu-Chen Liang), courtesy of the artist.

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