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Healing through affirmation

Participatory performance,2022

This participatory performance aligns with Goldsmiths' strikes and teach-outs, speculating on the possibility of care as resistance during these challenging times that we all share. Foxy Azucar and Vanessa Walters’ work consists of earthworks envisioned as future relics, along with knitted and cast objects that incorporate therapy, poems, photos, and videos. These elements are all responsive to conditions of exhaustion and uncertainty, and they are integrated within CCA's resident space.

By incorporating soothing ambient sounds, poems, moving images, photos, and materials that synthesise different influences, the CCA residency space undergoes a transformation into a site for imagining alternatives to confront uncertainties within larger systems.

The performance includes breathing and movement exercises, followed by a free-flowing discussion about rituals for self-healing and affirmation, the concept of pace and its potential for violence, as well as other profound feelings and vulnerabilities.

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