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Set the Table 

Exhibition for Deptford X Festival, 2021

Co-curated with Ankita Mukherji, Yurika Imaseki


Set The Table explores the connections that three artists - Katie Surridge, Maria Joranko, and Navi Kaur - have with food. Through installations and participatory performances, the project traces how processes of cultivation, preparation, and consumption work to form delicate networks between people and places. Mapping the intersections of food, migration, community, and identity, Set The Table evokes the experience of eating together, providing opportunities to spark complex conversations, whether in consensus or dissensus. Harnessing the power of food to generate visceral, sensorial memories, a wide entry point is created for anyone to join in and engage with themes of intimacy, collectivity, and forming new relationships with people or with the land. Set The Table provides a safe and welcoming space for new bonds to form, even if for a brief moment, between friends, acquaintances, or strangers. 

Photo by Emily Yo (Yu-Chen Liang), Jing Li, Jonathan Hall and Renee Xinying Zhong , courtesy of the artists.

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